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The Doctor Ramah Wagner

Introducing Dr. Ramah Wagner:

Dr. Ramah Wagner

B.S., D.C, F.I.A.M.A., D.C.R.C.

Ramah Wagner was born in the same State that chiropractic was first discovered. Born into a family working in natural healthcare. Ramah's grandfather, father, and eldest brother all graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, which is called "The Fountainhead." Ramah had a "thought flash" or sudden knowing when she was in St. Augustine, Florida at 13 years old that she would become a chiropractor and practice in Florida. Spending years both working in the chiropractic field to realize that vision. At her father's clinic, where she worked for over fifteen years, she gained valuable knowledge about health care and the needs of patients. In 2004 Ramah moved towards her vision, she took one of the most difficult boards in the United States. She passed with high scores and began working for other doctors. After working for two other doctors and seeing thousands of patients, she built up her confidence. It was in 2005 that patients stumbled through moving boxes in order to seek her care at her clinic, Wagner Chiropractic in Eustis, Florida. Her practice rapidly grew and for over a decade know has been seeing thousands of patients per year. Ramah went on to write a book on natural health entitled, "The Health of Business." She lectures to people of all ages who want to have healthier and more fulfilled lives. Ramah travels and has lectured nationally to thousands. Her writing has become an Amazon Best Seller. She has written for publications as a columnist for the award-winning, "Healthy Living Magazine," for 2 years and was the Health Editor of "Velocity Magazine" for over 4 years. Ramah lectures and works in her full facility clinic in the natural beauty of Eustis, FL.

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